The Cordless Drill, A Handyman’s Handyman

Cordless Drill FI

Do you own a cordless drill?

This is possibly the handiest Power Tool you could possess. When I’m on the move, it’s often located in the back with my toolkit which contains all sorts of bits, screws, wall plugs and a number of other tid-bits.

Natural Wood End Tables

End Tables

Natural Pine End Tables

Call me weird, but there’s something about newly sanded wood that just calls to me. I don’t know why I like it, in my eyes it just looks beautiful and totally fresh (take your mind out of the gutter, not that kind).

Make Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Panel Door Raised


Panel Door Construction

Here’s a quick and easy method of making a raised panel door on a table saw if you don’t have a door making bit set. The panel itself can also be used as a drawer face for a dresser, a nightstand or

Make Your Own Mirror Frame

MF Sleek


This simple, modern looking Mirror Frame

Appears to just suspend on its own. It’s perfect for above a Hallway Table, Bathroom Vanity or just to give a small room a more of an open feel to it.

Build Your Own Nightstand

Build your own nightstand


How’d you like to build this beauty?

Build your own nightstand with our free plans and be the envy of your friends, are you up for it. It’s a bit challenging for the startup woodworker but quite possible, just follow my instructions.

DIY: Make Floating Shelf Project

Floating Shelf


Floating Shelf

Here’s a simple little project you can make. Have you by chance seen a floating shelf attached to a wall and for the life of you, you can’t figure out how it’s done?
It’s like it’s just stuck there and driving you all kinds of crazy

The Kreg Jig, Reviewed As A Wow

Kreg Jig


Kreg Jig In A Nutshell

I call it my amazing little joint genie. Solves many of those problems with once time-consuming and complicated joints and can be